7 Ways to get Your App Downloaded

The popularity of mobile phone usage is crystal-clear. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project in May 2013, 91% of American adults owned a mobile phone device and the tendency shows that the number will keep increasing. Those huge figures translate into millions of potential clients that are ready to download your mobile applications. However, with more mobile app developers and publishers emerging every day it is becoming very difficult to make room for a new mobile application.

Hence, the need to use a variety of methods to increase its number of downloads. Below you will find seven tips that will help you increase the number of downloads of your mobile app.

1. Cross-Promote: This is an effective way to increase your mobile app visibility and, by consequence, increase the number of downloads. If you have multiple apps, make sure you cross-promote them using your own products. If a customer downloads one of your applications it is likely he will download other apps you may have available. Another way of cross promoting your products is to keep in touch with other mobile app developers and establish a cross promotion deal from which both of you will benefit.

2. Use Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all good options where you can promote your products, in other words, you will be sharing your applications publicly with the world. Create a professional profile and share your mobile apps backed with persuasive descriptions and appealing pictures.

3. Positive Word-of-Mouth: Obviously, the first requirement for word-of-mouth to happen is the quality of the product that you are offering. Good quality will translate into positive word-of-mouth, which is the most effective and free way of marketing a product. There are cases of people who sold thousands of products using the internet without putting into practice any marketing measure. They sold their products thanks to positive word-of-mouth.

4. Embrace A.S.O.: ASO is a short for app store optimization, the purpose of embracing these techniques is to increase the visibility of your mobile applications, i.e.: the ranking of your app in application stores. How to do it? The techniques are still under development as this field is quite recent. However, keyword usage, keyword density and title of the product are of utmost importance. Make sure you analyze the keywords your target audience uses to search for an app like the one you are offering, incorporate those keywords and choose an appealing title and you will be able to see your ranking raise.

5. Use Persuasion: When you write the description of a mobile application, you have to be persuasive in order to prompt the reader to take action and purchase the product. If the page where you feature your mobile product is getting many visits but the downloads are not up to par, chances are that the product description is not persuasive. Show the reader the benefits of the product that you are offering, create a personal relationship with the reader, make them be engaged with the text. If there is a sum to be paid to purchase the application use “by a small fee of $5” instead of “by a fee of $5”. Use words like “instant download”, “immediate access” because that’s what the target audience wants to read and purchase: small costs, immediate access, instant download, reliable products.

6. Be Platform-Wise: There are hundreds of mobile phone models that operate their applications under different platforms, make sure your product is platform-wise, which means that it is compatible with multiple platforms, e.g.: android, blackberry, iPhone and so forth.

7. Embrace Cumulative Results and The Chain-Effect: “United we are stronger” this premise also goes for these measures, putting them into practice one by one will not result in big changes, but, putting them into practice all together will result in a positive cumulative effect that will translate into more downloads for your application.Remember that all these measures are, at some level, related to each other, which means that they will create a chain effect when used properly that will result in more popularity and downloads for your app. Moreover, don’t forget that when the chain-effect is initiated it will keep driving your number of download through the roof!