Acne Scars Remedies

Acne Scars Remedies – Natural Holistic Option – No Side Effects

Acne Unwanted scars Treatments – Medical treatments are costly and can have scary consequences, creams and home remedies can help but moderately, what about an all natural risk free treatment at a fraction of the cost, it might just be the treatment that helps.

There are several clinical remedies that your physician or dermatologist can employ for different kinds of acne scars, however, these can be expensive, can have side effects, some of which are quite frightening and have sizeable downtimes, inflammation, ache, redness, etc.

Acne Scars Remedies – Medical Remedies

Laser Treatments (Full and Fractional)
Laser treatments are deemed as ‘the solution’, however, depending on type of skin and type of scar different lasers may have to be utilized and I have read commentary in specific forums of people that have had significant bad experiences attributing it to the fact that not all clinics have all types of laser equipments on hand and some may utilize the inappropriate one.

Dermabrasion / Microdermabrasion
Sanding of your skin’s dead cells, micro applies to a more superficial layer and derma goes deeper.

Chemical Peels
Utilization of chemicals to kill the cells and make your skin ‘fall off’ and then having new skin come up.

Punch Techniques
Excision or amputation of the scar and different applications of skin grafts to particular types of scars.

Use of fillers like fat tissue or collagen to even out scars that are bound down and depressed.

All of these acne scars treatments will be directed by your doctor depending on the type of scars being addressed.

Kinds of Acne Scars

Ice Pick Scars
As the name says it, these are the ones that look like a little hole that is usually deep all the way to the dermis.

Boxcar Scars
These are wider than the ice picks and the consequence of lost tissue, usually caused by serious swelling, like lunar depressions, they have a straight up wall around them and circular or elliptical shapes.

Rolling Scars
These feel or look like weavy when you roll your finger through them, they are caused by internal skin ‘rolls’ that have pushed the epidermis down.

Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars
Unlike regular scars, these are raised and more frequent in your back than in your face, they are the result of overproduction of collagen

Alternative Acne Scars Remedies

So after the clinical procedure we are left with creams and home remedies which like the many treatments for acne, they can help some but usually its effects are marginal, they come in different degrees of concentration and multiple can produce considerable irritation.

Amongst the home acne scars treatments I have researched they comprise the use of Lemon, Soda, Olives, Sandalwood Powder/Rose-Water Paste, Cucumber, and Apple and Honey, although you can almost certainly find many more.

I too came across a holistic 100% natural treatment and I know that a holistic or total approach to your healthiness, knowing your body, nutrition, exercise, use of natural products, what to eat when combined with multiple other available treatments can have not only the chances of success rise, but it can also improve your complete life and provide for a risk free, no worrying side effects option, corroborate it for yourself and I hope you find it appealing and helps you.

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