An Exercise In Freestyle The Art Of Rhyming

In order to be a freestyle rap artist, it is very important that you learn freestyle the art of rhyming. Without your rhymes, you will not be a successful freestyle rapper. The more rhymes that you have, the better freestyler you will become. Therefore , you must spend some time mastering your rhymes so that they will become 2nd nature to you. Here, we will go over an excellent exercise which you can include into your practice schedule.

In this training, select 5 words that are not related and don’t rhyme. My 5 words are going to be hat, book, beat, low, ride. At this point you want to find four words that rhyme with each of your words. You may use a rhyming dictionary, or you could come up with your very own. Personally , i like to come up with them on my own first to test my own rhyming skill. If I get stuck, then I will use my rhyming dictionary. You can do whatever is easiest for you. So here are my rhyming words:

Hat: bat, rat, sat, and mat

Book: look, took, cook, and rook

Beat: heat, treat, eat, and meat

Low: mow, tow, bow, and row

Ride: hide, tide, guide, and fried

Now you need to take these words and freestyle for about a minute. Apply each of these rhymes. What you are doing as you are practicing is memorizing these rhyming words. The more you practice with these words, the more they will be part your repertoire. You will find that you don’t need to think about them. They will naturally become part of your rhyming vocabulary.

It better to practice this exercise several times each day. Each time that you practice you can add 5 new words. At the end of each day, if you practice 5 or 6 times a day, you are adding a lot of rhyming words to your vocabulary.

Keep in mind that as you are adding these words, they are words that you know, and all what you’re doing is adding them to your rhyming vocabulary. This is just an exercise that can help you develop the art of rhyming within your own rhyming arsenal, assisting you to be a professional freestyle rapper.

To Your Freestyle Rap Success,

Mike Min

. by Mike Min