Birth Control Pills Can Cause Yeast Infections

The birth control pill has helped many people in a number of different ways and it gives us a sexual freedom that we did not have before. But, you have to remember, it is still a pharmaceutical method of controlling something that is natural. It can be blamed for a lot of problems in our bodies, including yeast infections. This article is about how birth control pills can affect your body and how it can cause severe candida infection problems.

Although the pill does make it convenient for us to live our lives as we like, it may actually be causing a problem because of reducing our immunity to a certain extent. Did you know that antibiotics, when taken for an extended period of time kill all the good bacteria that keep the microbiological balance in our bodies? The body then becomes unable to fight off a candida infection. Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria that fight off yeasts together with the bad bacteria that are treated in the first place.

The birth control pill has a similar effect on our body as antibiotics. It reduces bacteria in our body to a certain extent and therefore we are not able to fight harmful invaders such as colds or yeast spores. This is the reason why many women immediately start getting infections after starting to take the pill. If you must take the pill and you are suffering from yeast infections as a result, you should try to cure the problem naturally instead of running to a doctor and take prescriptions for some creams or drugs. You should just keep your body in good shape, eat the right food and getting exercise on a daily basis.

This is definitely going to help you in this area. Eating yogurt every day is a good way of fighting yeast infections, as it helps to promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Apple cider vinegar will do the same thing and a clove of garlic on a daily basis helps as well. All of these things add up to improving your overall health and helping you to avoid yeast infections.

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