Blu Ray Player Reviews

With so many Blu Ray Players on the market, selecting the one for you can feel like an impossible task. Never fear the expert voice of is here to help.

You may have a manufacturer that you naturally prefer or one that compliments your current home entertainment system, or if you are simply surfing the market, the brief overview of the reviews from will help.

I’ve chosen a selection of the economical models like the Denon DDV 1800BD and the top end of the market like the Sony BDP S5000ES, undoubtedly Sony have once again set the bar very high.

Samsung BDP 1500 – Incorporating the latest software and makes Blu-ray better and more accessible then before. Styled to compliment the Samsung TV, the Samsung BDP 1500 offers a fashionable player with surprising ease of use. It supports version 1.1 a superb feature enabling you to access features such as the Picture in Picture (PiP) technology and local storage.

Samsung BDP 2500 – Using the award-winning Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) chip for processing video the Samsung BDP 2500 blu ray player offers fantastic features ensuring a great way of enjoying the absolute best out of your high-definition video display. The BDP 2500 lets you enjoy bold, deep colour with crisp details and the full 1080p resolution. It provides this with the quality of construction and style of the BDP 1500 above.

Pioneer BDP LX08 – Not just a stylish sleek looking blu ray player, the BDP-LX08 gives you unrivalled image quality. It’s 1080p resolution, 24 frames per second speed coupled with the high tech HDMI Deep Colour, this Pioneer blu ray player will give you close to the ultimate viewing experience without the top end price tag.

Pioneer BDP LX71 – The Pioneer BDP-LX71 gives you amazing video and also great quality audio too. It comes with Wolfson Digital Audio Converters to create a sound experience barely matched by any other blu ray disc player. If that’s not enough, it is further enhanced by Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution and Dolby True HD. With all this, you know you will be getting the ultimate home entertainment experience in perfect high definition.

Pioneer BDP 51FD – Like most Blu Ray Players the Pioneer BDP 51FD offers superb 1080p resolution and 24 frames per second, however, added to this is upscaling meaning the picture quality is vastly improved. It does this by increasing the number of lines on the TV screen. 1080p currently produces the best resolution closely tailed by 1080i.

Panasonic DMP BD35 – Slim, stylish the Panasonic DMP BD35 really shows you how a good HD Blu-ray player should be without being too modern or futuristic. It benefits from the inclusion of Panasonic’s PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus. This provides a fantastic image with realistic colour and an incredibly smooth motion to create a clearer picture. The BD35 blu ray player is capable of outputting 1080p/24fps and is compatible with DVDs formatted in 24fps.

Philips BDP 7200 – The style of the Philips BDP 7200 is quite different to that of other Blu ray players on the market. For a start it has a dark grey case with rounded corners, rather than the normal sharper edges. Philips is synonymous with high end technology being at the cutting edge of digital media storage even from the cassette to the floppy disc, CD, DVD and now through to the Blu Ray Disc. As usual their product is of very high quality.

Sony’s range of Blu Ray disc players is really quite unique. Not only do they have the broadest product range, but their range also fits perfectly with their Sony BRAVIA range of HD TV’s. There is no other manufacturer that offers the ability to provide such compatibility between a huge product range, pricing and quality. Yet again Sony have set the bar high and undoubtedly many of the other manufacturers are running to catch up.

Sony’s range of BDP S300, 350, 360 and 550 are quite unique, with the S360 having only just been released.

If you want to take your viewing experience that one step higher, there is also the Sony BDP-S5000ES. ES stands for Elevated Standard and they certainly are exceptional. A slightly bulky offering from Sony, but it certainly is worth it if you are that serious about your home cinema… And you must be for the price tag! Depending on where in the world you are, prices range from between $1,400 to $2,000 with the BDP-S360 being brought out from new for just $299 from

. by Peter Oakland