Breathless—enjoy Kenny G’s Sensational Music

Who can forget those evergreen numbers like the “The Joy of Life”, “Forever in Love” and” In the Rain”! And surely we can never disapprove of the talents of the popular musician Kenny G. Born on June 5, 1956, Kenneth Gorelick, better known as Kenny G has some of the most significant music albums that have won the hearts of many.
This American saxophonist is also a songwriter. His fourth album, Duotones, have brought him tremendous success in1986. No doubt he is basically a soprano saxophone player, but he is quite efficient in playing flute, and alto and tenor saxophone.

Like many of its contemporaries Kenny G also have established his reputation as an exceptional musician. In fact his second and third album “G Force” and “Gravity” achieved platinum status in the United States. Kenny G also worked in collaboration with many other artists, such as the hot and sensational Whitney Houston, elegant Toni Braxton, rocking Natalie Cole and Steve Miller and Aretha Franklin. We can also find that most of the Kenny G albums are influenced by Grover Washington, Jr. That is why most of his own albums are catagorised under smooth jazz.

“Breathless” his sixth studio album comprises some of the magnificent numbers which have surpassed most of its contemporary albums. The album “Breathless” was released in the year 1992 by Arista Records and just after its release it occupied the first position among the Contemporary Jazz Albums chart and second position on the R&B/Hip-Hop and Billboard 200 Albums charts.

“Breathless” has made remarkable success and become almost immortal through its sensational music quality. Tracks like Sentimental, By the Time This Night Is Over, End of the Night, Alone, Morning, Even If My Heart Would Break, G-Bop, Sister Rose, A Year Ago, Homeland and the Wedding song are still favourites of many music aficionados. Breathless has also made him own the prestigious Grammy Award in 1993 as its track “Forever in Love” became the Best Instrumental Composition.

The iconic popularity of “Breathless”, can still be sensed from the amount of its sales. Perhaps it is one of to best instrumental album to be sold over 15 million copies Worldwide and about 12 million were sold in U.S alone. So is his first holiday album, “Miracles”, of which over 13 million copies are sold making a record of being the most successful Christmas album till today.

. by Jacob Marshal