Cheap bathroom renovations

When your bathroom starts to look a little outdated, what can you do to give it a face-lift? How about renovating it? New bathrooms give much more value to your home but, can it be done on the cheap?

Bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of a house. Think about it. Homeowners spend a lot of time there, and whether you are getting ready for the day or taking a nice hot bath, the bathroom is an important room that serves many purposes. Unfortunately, this room in particular is a place that can harbor a lot of problems. Pipes may be leaky, sinks may be too small, or there simply may not be enough space. On top of all that, a lot bathrooms in older homes are extremely outdated. In this case, these rooms are long overdue for a good old fashioned renovation to make them look better and become more functional. Below are 3 bathroom renovation ideas to improve the quality of your space.


1. Replace the sink.

Most sinks can truly go the distance, so they don’t warrant being replaced very often. Over time however, certain styles become quite outdated, and a new sink and sink stand can make all the difference in the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. If the space is available, updating to a double sink with storage underneath may be even more desirable. A lot of couples enjoy the extra space and are able to get ready in their own separate area with a double sink. Whether you decide upon a single or double sink, replacing the sink will give your bathroom area a fresh new feel. It also carries the potential of maximizing your space with the added storage underneath.

great bathroom colors

2. Lights and paint!

These are mostly cosmetic renovations, but repainting the walls, adding new floor tiles, and updating the light fixtures will brighten up an otherwise dingy bathroom. The nice thing about these small renovations is that they are not overly expensive to accomplish. Depending upon your budget, you may be able to fix these areas with cash left over. Who doesn’t love extra cash during a renovation project? Just think of all the other things you could do to your bathroom with leftover funds!


3. Update the tub and shower.

Similar to the sink, these items generally have a long life, which means most people do not need to replace them that often. However, an aging tub or shower can quickly communicate the era in which it was installed, so be sure to choose pieces that are timeless and classic. A nice option, if you have the time and patience is to refinish the tub or shower. refinishing a claw foot tub is a classic choice, and well worth the effort. You can look into the Rust-Oleum tub and tile paints. Also, pick a low-flow shower head to help save money on your water bill. These updates will make for not only a more gorgeous space, but for a more economical one as well.