Common IT Solutions Outsourced by Small Businesses

The modern business environment is competitive and quick, and therefore, the need for a company to have agility and speed in order to expand is vital. One method that a modern day companies can use, in order to avoid being left behind in the competitive worldwide marketplace, is to make use of outsourcing.

Making use of outsourcing will allow a business to concentrate on other areas of their business, without worrying about hiring loads of IT experts or spending money on expensive IT departments. So, let us take a closer look at one of the areas that companies can outsource, storage, and how cloud storage is becoming more and more popular among small and medium sized businesses.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud storage is currently changing the way that we store and backup our data. Whereas before we would only have the option to store data onto a hard drive, we can now store all of our data remotely. This form of data storage is beneficial because it takes away the threat of data loss from a corrupted and damaged hard drive, or a laptop computer or computer tower being stolen. Cloud storage offers almost limitless amounts of storage space, so there is no need to worry about running out of storage space on a hard drive. However, some people are concerned about the safety of their data when it is being stored via cloud storage.

One of the main advantages is the ease at which a person can access their data, however, this ease of access can also be a disadvantage. Easy access to data could also make things a lot easier for people that do not have a right to access the information, such as hackers that wish to capture personal information and data. In order to combat this problem, more companies that offer it are introducing more levels of security, such as firewalls and additional safety protocols.

Data Protection

Even though there are a number of risks to the security of data stored via the cloud, there are just as many security problems that are associated with storing data on a personal computer. Viruses, trojans, malware and hackers all present a threat to the data stored on a home or business computer. In order to combat these threats there are a number of different anti-virus programs available, and the same goes for storage, allowing you to gain the benefits of cloud storage, without the worry of your data being hacked.

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