Coolest BlackBerry Storm Accessories

Just like what its name means, BlackBerry Storm undoubtedly took the whole world by storm when it was launched back in November 2008. And now that you’ve finally invested on this smart and first touch screen BlackBerry, time to shop for the latest and coolest BlackBerry accessories to get the most out of your mobile experience.

Find out below the cream of the crop BlackBerry Storm cellphone accessories:

Screen Guards –
Sometimes known as “screen protectors,” these are essential accessories to ensure your Storm 9530’s 480×360 fine screen maintains its spotless condition even after a few juggling inside your pocket or tote. Also, these BlackBerry Storm screen guards lessen glare while keeping your display resilient against scratch. They can as well be easily removed without leaving a sticky residue. Don’t forget to add these inexpensive and useful accessories on your checklist to protect your device.  

Cases and Skins – Apart from getting screen protectors, you might also want to consider purchasing some cases, skins, or pouches for double protection. These accessories offer the finest defense against drops, scratches, dirt, and dust that come with daily usage. When used with the screen guard, BlackBerry Storm cases will surely provide optimum protection, while enabling you to enjoy full access to the features of your device. If you want a more economical alternative, you can go for skins that offer enough protection for your Storm. Also, they come in different colors to complement your mood or attire.

Spare Battery – Having a touch screen phone without an extra battery is next to impossible. BlackBerry Storm’s battery is known to drain fast—most especially if you love web browsing or doing other activities that greatly affect its battery life. It’s a must to have an extra battery in your pocket or purse to never run out of power and to not miss any urgent call or message.

Bluetooth Headsets – Bluetooth headset is definitely a wise investment, as we live in a wireless technology environment. Plus, with numerous places banning cellphone usage on the road without a Bluetooth device, most drivers these days are investing on Bluetooth accessories to abide the law, and for their own safety as well.

Cradle Chargers – Fashionably recharge your smartphone using a desktop cradle charger, which allows you to dock your Storm; synchronize data; and charge simultaneously. Whether at home or in the office, you can instantly transfer music, documents, pictures, videos, etc., while you re-energize your BlackBerry Storm using this clever dock charger.

With the above hip and functional BlackBerry Storm accessories, you can effortlessly merge elegance and efficiency. Check out these recommended cellphone accessories and you’ll surely better enjoy and enhance your mobile communication lifestyle.

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