Creatine – Clean Cut Muscle With CellMass

One truth about gaining muscle mass is out in the open; so let’s face it. It is a digested fact that what you eat and how much you eat can really make or break the effectiveness of your training programme. How much ever time you spend in the gym, you muscle food intake will decide what you become, is a fundamental nutrition concepts in relation to muscle mass, performance and fat loss. There might be plenty of other alternative and effective methods, but the nutritional method is simple, practical, safe and above all, it works!

Those that opt for weight training might have goals either focused on building up strength, muscle mass, performance, etc. or to reduce body fat, and shed weight. But for amy activity that involves the muscle and the tissues, the production of creatine in the body is very vital. Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid stimulates muscle growth by enabling us to perform harder workouts, increases protein synthesis, and causes the muscle to expand and increase in volume. Creatine also helps to keep the muscle hydrated. Almost all the Creatine in the human body is found in skeletal muscle, and the remaining is in the brain, heart and most importantly, in the testes.

Creatine naturally occurs in our food through the meats, fish, dairy products, egg whites, nuts and seeds we consume. However, when you get into weight training or fitness workouts, your muscles get activated, increasing its demand for Creatine to levels that the body cannot supply. The Creatine found in the natural food we consume is so small that it is impossible to consume enough food to provide the same amount of Creatine that supplements can. Hence, sports and fitness enthusiasts have to look for Creatine supplements to compensate their Creatine demands.

But do not be dismayed; there is good news for those who need Creatine supplements, as a new breed of Esterified Creatine has arrived. An Esterified Creatine is so powerful and effective that it adds new meaning to mass, strength, muscularity, performance, and recovery. By delivering unequaled cell volumizing nutrients to every muscle in the body it penetrates the muscle cell door and provides unmatched amounts of muscle expanding Creatine like never before and so the results are quick and clear to see.

CellMass contains the radical breakthrough ingredient Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate or CEM3 which is considered to be the latest discovered Mass Monster in Esterified Creatine technology. Once you start consuming the cretatine concentrated CellMass, the impact of Creatine will manifest itself in the true mass combined with the muscle hardening effects of glutamine.

CellMass contains a super-anabolic Glutamine innovation which promotes rapid recovery and muscle hardening. First time users will be amazed at what CellMass can do as the difference in performance levels is noticeable in just a few doses. The effective ingredients of CellMass would help trigger a totally new level in size and strength that will alter your body and performance. With so much of Creatine at hand, would you still only be depending on meat and eggs to build body mass?

. by Yossarian Fisher