Creative Careers That Require Imagination

Getting paid to be creative is only one of the benefits to this list of great imaginative jobs.

It’s the age of technology so of course being a Graphic Designer tops the list. This sought after, in demand career is full of nothing but creativity and imagination…and the more, the better. Designing website layouts, graphics, audio and other forms of interactive media is where the fun begins. Training is required. Taking one of the many certificate programs will get you started, but earning a degree in computer multimedia or animation will help you earn top dollar. Average salary, $47,000.

There’s no shortage when it comes to finding people who love to play video games, so becoming a Video Game Designer is another great choice for a creative career. Sharing innovative ideas and developing new animated worlds screams volumes of fun. A degree in animation or in video game design will help you earn an average $46,000.

With so many avenues open to market with, it’s a wonder companies know where to start. Becoming a Marketing Professional by sharing knowledge and creating ways for businesses to communicate with customers is an ideal job in today’s tech world. A marketing and communications program can certainly help you get your career off to a good start. On average, marketing professionals earned a whopping $108,000 in 2008.

Often having the right idea just isn’t enough. Having the right idea and the right vision to execute it will usually result in a successful business. Creating a successful company takes a lot of skill as well as imagination. Helping to bring bright ideas to life is the job of a Business Entrepreneur. Getting an associate or bachelors degree in business administration will get you in the door. To pocket the substantial $111,000 annual earnings, you will need to add an MBA to that degree.

Many people don’t think of a Chef as a creative career, but getting out your culinary imagination is a great way to show them what you can cook up…in the kitchen. Being creative and inventive with a mixture of food and presentation will earn you a cool $38,000. Getting a degree in culinary arts will do the trick.

Going back to school can seem like only a dream for many people. With the cost of tuition being at a peak, it can be intimidating to even think about a successful career change. If money is what’s holding you back and traditional bank loans are not an option, why not join the thousands of other Canadians who have opted for a bad credit loan to finance their education. A dream career is well worth the effort.

. by Molly Wider