Effective Radio Station Liners and Promo Writing for Today’s Market

Look around and what do you see? Ipods®, mini Ipods®, Cell Phones, Satellite radio, Internet radio and Tivo®.

Excited about being in the radio industry today? Since I first entered the world of radio in 1976 I have seen the landscape change, but few stations have changed with the times. The one noticeable lack of change has been in the liner department. The same plan of attack as always. Find a voice, have them cut a few lines every week for freshness and that’s it. Creativity is relegated to the program director (PD) who has enough work for two people.

Most PD’s have had their creative juices squeezed out of them with meeting after meeting. You need a creative force on your side. A member of your team that is not in the daily grind, but on the outside looking in with an objective view.

Scott has watched for the past twenty years as market share for traditional radio stations continue to decline as newer video games, better ipod® devices and technology yet realized find their way into our reality.

Promos, liners and sweepers are not something you write because they are funny or creative, they are written because they fit the “big picture” concept of the station. Just like the music must have a “feel” so must the liners and other elements.

The demand for creativty within the radio industry has never been greater.

. by Scott Perreault