Get Well Gifts: They Say, I Am Thinking of You

Is someone you know feeling under the weather? Have they just undergone a medical procedure? Are they on the road to recovery? If so, then a get-well gift could be just the thing to lift their spirits and give them one more reason to feel better.

Get-well gifts, from flower arrangements to perfectly-assembled get well gift baskets, can be the catalyst to help turn someone’s day around. A family member, a loved one, or friend — you can help cheer them with a thoughtful gift. No matter the size, the message behind such gifts is the same: “I’m thinking of you.” And knowing this, can mean the world to someone who may otherwise be feeling unwell, overcoming an illness, or on the mend from surgery.

Occasions for gifts are many, but perhaps no other is more significant than when a person you care about is ill. There’s no question that their condition also affects you and while you wish you could help make things better for them in an instant, there are limits to what can be done. At times, the most you can do is to simply let them know that you’re there for them. A get-well gift embodies that sentiment, representing the care and concern you feel.

Show your love, support, and hope for recovery with a gift that says you’re never far away. While it may not always be possible to be physically present with someone, a gift can serve as our representative. Each time they’re looked upon, a connection is renewed between you and the recipient. A thoughtful gift can also hasten a person’s recovery. It’s true. It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine, but at the root of that theory is that a positive outlook can do wonders. In other words: mind over matter. A get-well gift can help a person you care about reach this cheerier place. In many instances, it works!

When choosing such a gift, it’s important to make sure it’s personal. Hoping someone gets better isn’t the time for a generic present. Indeed, a get-well gift should truly speak your sincerity. For instance, a get well gift basket filled with his/her favorite jams or jellies, chocolates or cakes, Italian sweets, or fruits and nuts. What would mean the most? If a beautiful flower arrangement, not just any flowers, but the patient’s favorites.

With get-well gifts, the message behind the gift is most important, and nothing is more reflective than a gift in which you took time to consider. A particular wine. A round of golf. A certain movie that never fails to bring a smile. The point of the get-well gift is to lift someone’s spirits, and you knowing what can best do that, is the best gift of all.

In short, such gifts should convey the giver’s message of well wishes, concern, and care. They’ll also likely strengthen the bond between giver and recipient over time. A get-well gift lets the other person know that he/she is in your foremost thoughts and that right now, your only hope is that they get better (very) soon.

. by Vivi Andris