How Does A Ductless Range Hood Work?

A ductless range hood can be a great value if you need to filter the air from your kitchen, but cannot run ductwork outside of your home. It can help keep you safe while cooking and keep your house clean.

Ducted range hoods do a great job of getting pollutants out of your home, but many are skeptical of a ductless range hood since they have no way to push the air outside of the home. However, they can accomplish the same function as a regular range hood because of the strong filters it uses.

While the ductless range hood may not push air outside, it captures the same pollutants and runs them through a filter, removing them and sending the pollutants outside the home. This keeps the air in your home clean. It also helps prevent your smoke detectors from going off by catching steam and smoke from your stove and keeping it from spreading it through the house.

When using a ductless range hood, it is important to make sure and either change the filter or keep the filter clean, depending on what type of filter it has. If it has an aluminum filter, it just needs to be cleaned regularly, probably about once a month.

If your ductless range hood has a charcoal filter, it needs regular replacement to stay working properly. It is hard to determine a regular time to change the filter since different homes use them more than others, but checking it once a month to see if it looks dirty is advisable.

Installing a ductless range hood can be a bit difficult if you do not have any experience, but it can be done. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions if you are going to give it a try, and make sure to find a way to mount it directly above your stove so it can pick up the maximum amount of smoke, steam, and pollutants.

When used properly, a ductless range hood can help keep your house clean, safe and free from pollution. Click here for more information about finding the right ductless range hood along with a few examples.

. by Casey Case