How to Fix a Broken Heart and Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Here is a question that so meaning men ask after a break up, “What happened”. One day your ex girlfriend is actually worshiping the ground you walk on. And now she is telling you she only wants to be friends. What in the heck happened? Will I’m going to tell you and you may not like what I have to say. But I’m going to tell you anyway, because that why you’re here anyway.

Your ex lost the desire for you. That’s it the attraction is gone, for the moment anyway. You see it is a proven fact that women like man who are dominant. All the way back to the caveman days, women are genetically program to look for a men that will provides for her in some kind of a way. Now what way that was for your ex, who knows. Is it sex, is it security, is it humor, what ever that is your ex lost that feeling. Now what your job is in order to get her back is to find out what that was.

You have to really take a gut check here and remember what it was about you that she fell in love with. Now this is not something that you will just go up and ask her, it’s something that you have to ask yourself. How have I changed? And you will have plenty of time to think about that, because it’s most likely she want be right back in your arms. You have to create that desire again.

OK now that I have bet you up, I want you to know, that there is a really good chance that your ex will come back. However you must have a game plan. And the first thing of your plan that you must do, is act like you are OK with the break up. You will really have to put your game face on here. No matter how hard it is you can’t lose your temper, cry and beg here back. It will make you look like a lesser of a men. You have to look strong, even thou it is killing you inside.

You see this is part of a proven plan, to get your ex girlfriend back. I know these because this was part of my plan to, when I lost my ex before I got her back. It made her think maybe I made a mistake for leaving him. And once I figured out what I was doing wrong, to make her leave, I become the dominate man again. This took about two weeks, so you can see it’s not something that happens overnight.

You also have to as part of your plan is, “The no contact rule”. You have to make her miss you. No emails, no drive-bys, no late night drunk calls. You really have to make her miss you. And I’m telling you this works better than you think. All of this is part of my plan that I used and it will help you. But what you have to have is a game plan, and you have to work it. It may seem hard but isn’t your ex worth it. I will almost guarantee that if you have a good game plan and work it you will get another chance. So I hope you don’t blow it the second time after she comes back home.

. by Richard T. T