How To Get Rid Of Dandruff – Dandruff Treatment Made Easy

When it comes to how to get rid of dandruff there are many myths that are not true. Firstly, dandruff isn’t caused by dry skin, in fact oily skin can produce more dandruff then dry skin, its actually caused by yeast in the scalp and cannot be cured because it’s a natural process of the body. The only thing that can be done is using measures to control the amount of dandruff produced, and there are various ways of doing this.

First there are anti-dandruff shampoos which have anti-fungal properties which attack at the heart of the problem. The only issue with shampoos like Head & Shoulders is that they are full of nasty chemicals and will burn a hole in your pocket, and many promise to be a cure, which is wrong right off the bat so don’t trust any company that promises this.

Secondly there is the natural way using natural oils, many people are doing this now because its relatively easy to do and is a lot lighter on your pocket. There are many home remedies on the internet, but sadly there are not many good eBooks on the topic, but they are out there.

One home remedy that I have personally used to success is vinegar. Simply pour some vinegar onto a swab or cotton ball and dab your head and leave for half an hour before you take a shower, then rinse it thoroughly.

What’s great about home remedies is that they will leave your scalp feeling healthy, you will have complete control over the ingredients used and you will have more spare change to spend on things that truly matter to you.

. by Saxon Thomas