How to market your painting business online

One of the best ways to reach out to existing and prospective customers is through adequate presence on the Internet. Marketing entails taking information about your products and services to where the people are, and their current location is the Internet. Recent reports have shown that only 2 percent of people in the United States do not have access to the Internet, even though about 13 percent do not use Internet services. This implies that marketing your products and services on the Internet gives you a prospect of reaching a minimum of 87 percent of people in the United States. No other means of advertisement including newspaper, magazine, television and radio gives you such opporutnity. This also applies to individuals who are into painting business, including those who manufacture and sell paints as well as painters. Here are some ways to market your painting business online.

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Social media is presently a very important advertising outlet, as hundreds of millions of people around the world currently operate a social media account. The current population of people on social networks is put at 1.96 billion and by 2018, 2.5 billion people are expected to be on social media. Over 75 percent of Americans have a social media account. This shows the importance of advertising your painting business online. What is more, you can easily reach all of these people for free, through posts on your account. There is also the option of paid adverts you can exploit for social media advertising as well.

Any business that does not have a web presence in the form of a website is still living in the past. Websites are very important as they come in handy in reaching out to people, who use the Internet. This people include 40 percent of people all over the world and 87 percent of people in the United States. All of these people could easily get information about your painting business through your website. From your website, you can easily convince them about patronizing your business. You will also to able to give them additional information about your business and how they can contact you. In most cases, you should have links to your website from your social media account and vice versa. For instance, the website of V.P.S. Paints ( have helped to serve as an important marketing means for its painting business.

The use of blogs and posting of articles related to your business also comes in handy while advertising your business online. When you write quality articles that are search engine optimized, you can easily attract a lot of prospective customers. Your quality articles shows that you have knowledge, experience and that you are also passionate about your business. There are several people who go to the Internet to look for companies that are involved in painting. When they search the Internet for ‘painting business companies’, your search engine optimized article would come up, leading them to your website. If your website is the most convincing when compared to other companies’ websites they checked, then you will have just won for your company, a customer. Your articles should, therefore, be of very high quality and your website should load quickly, be very convincing, easy to navigate and professional. These are some of the things prospective customers look out for before making orders.

Having a platform where people who have patronized you can review the quality of your service will also go a long way in promoting your painting business online. People want to see reviews from people that have patronized you before taking the same decision. They want to be sure that they will not be making a mistake when they patronize you. They will, therefore, want to take a cue from the experiences of other people. When you have a lot of positive reviews on the Internet, new customers will be able to trust that they will also have a very positive experience with you. You should therefore deliver quality services to your customers and give them the opportunity to tell others about your good services on the Internet.

In conclusion, one of the best ways to make a lot of progress in your painting business is by marketing your painting business on the Internet. To achieve this, you should maintain an active social media account, have a professional website, has a section of your website or a blog where you post quality articles about your business. Lastly, you should deliver quality products and services, while encouraging satisfied customers to review you online.

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