Industrial Large-Scale Grinder Mill Make The Asbestos Tailings Turn Waste Into Treasure

Asbestos tailings as raw material, through the grinding of the grinder mill, can be processed into ultrafine magnesium hydroxide, superfine white carbon black, iron hydroxide, light building materials such as high-quality products.This project not only saves the mineral resources by the economic and social development program, but also improves the comprehensive utilization of associated minerals,so that make the worthless asbestos tailings reuse.
Grinder mill manufacturers Shanghai Jianye Company, Raymond Mill in improving the same time, has introduced proprietary products, such as High-pressure Suspension Grinder Mill, High pressure Micro-powder Mill,6R Grinder Mill. Against power plant Limestone, Shanghai Jianye Company has launched high-yield milling machine — YGM series High-pressure Suspension Grinder Mill, the device also Shanghai Jianye Company patented product, and was awarded Technical Achievement Award in Shanghai Province Science and Technology; for water, slag, slag, very large projects such as fly ash in the flour problem, Shanghai Jianye Company to address the industrial mill output and lower energy consumption and higher technical problems, absorbing advanced technology in Abroad in conjunction with our company for many years design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand After many years of concentrated design of improved large-scale grinding equipment. High-pressure Suspension Grinder Mill with a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set drying, grinding, classifying, upgrade in one, especially in the large-scale grinding process, fully meet the customer demand, the main technical, economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.
     Industry has introduced a large milling machine, technological innovation, to a certain extent, to meet the processing needs, so a lot of waste expected to be utilized effectively.

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