List of Kinect Games 2011

Here is a list of kinect games for 2011. Starting of in January we can expect to see:

Get Fit with Mel B –due for release January 2011 If you know the Spice Girls, then you probably also know Mel B. If not, then she may not be that familiar with you. Anyways, Mel B (a celeb) teamed up with Fitness First, the world’s largest gym chain, in creating a Kinect Fitness game that features 6 types of aerobic disciplines, with more than 100 tailored exercises.

Dance on Broadway – January 2011, you can now dance like you are now on Broadway with 20 authentic Broadway-style choreographies from the most beloved show tunes, including ‘Cabaret’, ‘My Favorite Things’, ‘Dream girls’, ‘Roxie’, and many more

You Don’t Know Jack– Available January 25th 2011 is one of the original party games with your lively host Cookie Masterson.

Show Time – January 31 2011 another musical dance game

Body Brain and Connection –due for release on February 8 2011 and this includes 20 mini games designed to test players’ math skills, memory, reflexes, and other capabilities. For example, one such game has the player point out matching pairs from a field of shapes, while another asks players to use their arms to sort toy cars on the move, rerouting them onto color-coded tracks. 

Kinect Star – February 11 2011 

Michael Jackson – The Experience – will be real on February 15th 2011, when this game is releases and it will feature a wealth of unforgettable hits, which the motion capture capabilities of the Kinect system and microphone functionality allow you to dance and sing to, just like Michael did. Additional features include: player projection technology that puts you in the game, authentic Michael Jackson choreography, costumes and imagery and a practice mode.

Packed with signature hits including “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Smooth Criminal” and many more, the game features the actual choreography used by the King of Pop in live performances and music videos. To do this the camera built into the Kinect system records a full body map of the player, which then is represented as a silhouette on-screen. As the player duplicates moves as prompted these are instantly related through the silhouette Performances are rated in real-time on-screen and as lyrics are streamed players can also sing along in time, and are judged on this as well.

Child of Eden – is due to be release March 29 2011, the special effects and spectacular visual effects look amazing in this game. Child of Eden thrusts you in the center of a battle to save Project Lumi, a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories. As the project nears completion, the archive is invaded by an unknown virus.

Dance Paradise –is due for release February 22 2011 

Fantastic Pets – March 2011, you start with a cat, dog, horse, and lizard that can change into different creatures like unicorns and dragons. Using the kinect controller to control their movements and your voice commands will change their environment,

Get Fit with Mel B- March 31 2011, players will appear on screen alongside celebrity superstar Mel B receiving her real-time feedback in several disciplines like dance fitness, cardio, step and kickboxing

UFC Personal Trainer –April 1 2011 

Michael Phelps – Push Limit- June 7 2011. 

Forza Motorsport 4 We are being told that Forza Motorsport 4 is going to be the “most expansive and vividly realistic automotive experience across any console.”, but with the new kinect controller it really is going to be very special, I know they can do it, though. Forza Kinect is due out in fall 2011.

Codename D

Kinect Haunt

Project Draco

Rise of Nightmares

SpongeBob Square pants 

Star Wars Thisgame is going to be introduced December 2011, but very little is known about the games; you can fight like a Jedi, blast some storm troopers with force powers by stretching out your hand, Kenobi style? Have you ever wanted to slice, dice, and mince opponents with flashy light saber skills?

 Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Yoostar 2: Movie Karoke 

Check out the previews and videos of the kinect games for 2011 when you have a chance. 

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