Most Popular Game Player – Nintendo DS Lite

What’s the hotest game player right now?

There may be many choices, xbox 360, Sony psp, Nintend wii etc. But there is one you can not miss, that is Nintendo DS Lite. It is portable so you can take it with you to anywhere. It gives you endless fun cause it has many different game. And it has many different color and style and each appearance is very delicate and beautiful. Here I introduce some most popular style.

Red and Black Dragon

Very beautiful color and pattern. Dark red appearance is very elegant, and plus black carved dargon, the whole thing player is just like a beautiful art craft.

Doraemon Limited Edition

This one is very cute and lovely especially for Doraemon fans. Snow white appreance with blue Doraemon, it looks like the blue sky with white clouds.

Rose pink with love and berry Limited Edition

This one is the best choice for girls. There is a pink dream in very girl’s heart, it reminds them warmness, happiness, and sweet, just like little princeness. And this one just fits their heart.

Red Cover and Black Back

Red cover and black back! Yes, that’s the style! Red and black are two colors that never fade in fashion world. And the match of the two color is a classic in any time and any where. So if you a fashion guy, don’t miss this one.

Here are only a few ones form huge Nintendo family, you can find more stye and color on, and it’s offering huge discount now and all free shipping to you, so what are you waitting for? Come now!

. by Grace Yu