My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up While I’m Playing – Why?

If this is happening to you it has probably driven you nuts. This error is particularly frustrating because the console simply stops responding, so that if you are halfway through a game which you haven’t saved, or you have online ranking, you will probably lose it. You can switch the console off and then turn it back on again and you will probably be back in business, but who knows how long for?

Your best course of action is to make sure the error doesn’t happen again and in order to achieve that you will need to know why it popped up in the first place.

Your Xbox 360 freezes up because it overheats – this causes the motherboard to bend and the soldering to snap off. When the solder snaps off, the chips it was holding down lose their connections and the system freezes.

Now, Microsoft can fix this problem for you – you send your system to them and they sort it out for you. The only problem is that you have to wait weeks to get your system back.

Alternatively, you can use an Xbox 360 repair guide – a collection of text and video tutorials – that will walk you through the process of fixing your system at home, which will let you sort out the problem without having to wait for weeks to get back to gaming. Check out a repair guide before you buy it – people should say it works and it should come with a full money back guarantee and a preview of the videos accompanying it. A good repair guide will have your system up and running again in no time.

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