Nausea Remedies

Nausea usually isn’t serious and will go away on its own fairly quickly. Here are a few tips for speeding it on its way.


                                                   WHEN TO SEE THE DOCTOR

Even though your stomach is surprisingly durable and does a hard

day’s work every day, it’s also sensitive to changes throughout your

body. When you’re getting nauseated frequently and you don’t know

why, there could be an underlying problem and you should see your



Give ginger a try. People have been taking ginger for stomach troubles for thousands of years, and modern research suggests that it works. When your stomach is turning upside down, you can soothe it fast by drinking a little ginger tea. Or take ginger supplements, which are just effective.

Have a little cola. Doctors aren’t sure why it works, but cola syrup, which you can get fro some pharmacies, appears to keep stomachs calm. Ginger ale is also effective, although it’s best not to drink it straight out of the can. Pour a glass and let it go flat. Then drink it down, doctors advise.

Brew some chamomile (babunah) tea. Herbalists often recommend chamomile tea for soothing an upset stomach. You can buy chamomile at most grocery or natural food stores.

Give your stomach a break. When you’re seeing green and your stomach is doing its upside-down thing, you don’t want to be eating a lot of rich, hard-to-digest foods. Instead, keep your diet simple. Doctors recommend eating “clear” foods, such as broth or Jell-O, or easy-to-digest carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, or toast.

Take some B Vitamins. Your body uses B vitamins to help metabolize proteins and fats. When you’re feeling nauseated, taking a B-complex multivitamin may help you feel a little bit better.

Put acupressure to work. Oriental doctors believe that pressing on certain parts of the body can help stop nausea fast. They recommend pressing on the inside of your wrist, about an inch above the crease where it joins your hand. Maintain the pressure for about fifteen seconds; repeat as often as necessary.

Practice mind over motion. Some people are able to beat nausea by deliberately taking their minds as far away from their upset tummies as possible. The next time you’re feeling sick, shut your eyes and imagine a peaceful, soothing scene. It could be a beautiful sunset or sunny spot in the garden. Give yourself time to really focus on the scene – imagine how it looks, feels, and sounds. The more detail you can imagine, the less nausea you’ll have.

Hold still. Researchers have found that moving around can disturb the balance mechanism in the inner ear, which makes nausea worse. To keep your stomach calm, it is a good idea to sit or stand upright, and to move your head as little as possible.

. by P.Bhargav Kashyap