Our Personal Reversal Story

We had just had our 4th baby…a boy. We had had three girls previously, and this was our first boy! We were thrilled! However, after he was born, we had 4 children under the age of 6. It overwhelmed me at times, and though my husband was a wonderful help, even during nighttime, I felt like I never got any sleep, and was always go, go, going, even if we never left the house! So, my husband’s mother, a nurse specializing in colostomy care, decided that we now had 4 children, “already two too many” (in her words), and that we needed to be done. So, when our baby boy was about 4 months old, my mother-in-law, contacted a doctor who did vasectomies, and scheduled us an appointment date, time, and place to be. Well we did pray and asked God if it was what He wanted us to do, but without waiting for His reply, the day of the scheduled reversal, my husband went in and had the dirty deed done. He went by himself, and drove himself home, because quite frankly, I was sick to my stomach just thinking about the whole possibility of not being able to have more children, ever. However, we agreed that he would go in, because right at that point in time, with 4 children already, and one of those being a 4-month-old, we didn’t want another baby “at that precise moment.”

Well a year later, we began wanting another baby. It was so sad for us. My husband had had the vasectomy, but I started praying for a miracle from God. Maybe his vasectomy hadn’t worked, right?! I mean God can do ANYTHING, and I fully believed that! But, as time went by, the desire to have another baby became greater and greater. Each month, when “that time of the month” would come, and yet again I was not pregnant, I would cry with such sadness. Even walking through the baby section of a store brought tears to my eyes every single time. My husband was missing having a baby around himself, and he saw that my heart was broken because I wanted another baby so badly. But, still, we prayed for a miracle.

Almost 5 years passed by. My desire grew, and grew, and grew. It felt like it consumed my whole mind on many occasions. I kept praying and praying. My friends prayed and prayed for me as well. Then a friend invited me to a weekend long Ladies Retreat. A lady, by the name of Julaine Christensen, was going to be the guest speaker. Well I have never heard of this woman, but I was wanting a “break” and my husband was encouraging me to go as well, so I conceded to going. We checked in to our hotel, and a couple of my friends and I decorated the hall, the evening before the first session, and had a wonderful evening with tons of laughter, and only a short get to know you kind of evening.

The next morning, the 1st session was to begin at 9:00, and we started off in prayer, and then blessed Praise & Worship time. Afterward, before Julaine began to speak, she said she had a word of God for some of us specifically. I was the second one she came to. I was rather shocked because I couldn’t possibly imagine what God wanted her to tell me, especially when I’d never met this woman before, and she didn’t know me from the man on the moon! She began by saying this… “God wants you, Kelly, to know that your quiver is not yet full. That He is not done giving you children, and that He wants you to do whatever it takes to have have the children He still plans on giving you.” I told her that that would have to be a miracle, because my husband had already said that he could never go through a reversal, especially if it was anything like having the initial vasectomy! Well she preceded to tell me that, “I was to trust God for EVERY part of it, and that He would take care of EVERYTHING.” Well this brought me to tears, but I still kept thinking, “My husband will never go for through that again. NEVER!”

The rest of the weekend was a blur to me as I could not get these words out of my head, nor could I stop soaking up anything and everything that this woman had to say! I went home that following afternoon, full of elation and peace! And I couldn’t wait to tell my husband what this awesome woman had said to me! When I came in, my husband actually turned off the television to give me his complete attention, and I started spilling the beans. I couldn’t stop crying while I told him what Julaine had said.

To my complete surprise, my husband said, “Well then, I guess I better call the doctor that did the initial vasectomy, and see when we can get this done.” You could have heard a pin drop, because I was so blown away! And that week, he did call the doctor and we made an appointment to talk to him about the reversal. He said he would do it on one condition, and one condition only…that we did NOT mention who did the reversal for us because he was afraid that my mother-in-law would make his life a living hell for him. So, we agreed, and set up a date. My husband went in, and I went with him this time, and we had the reversal done. Almost 1 year to the day that we had the reversal, I found out that I was pregnant!!!! I was so exceedingly thrilled that I took numerous pregnancy tests, all positive, and then made an appointment to go right in to see my OB/GYN to be 100% certain. His test was positive too!! I was so excited that I nearly passed out! I stopped by a pay phone, and called my husband first! Then I called our church and asked to talk to one of my friends who was a teacher in the church school there. They pulled her out of class to come to the phone. She was so excited for us that she started crying herself and started telling anyone who walked by. Word passed very quickly after that! GOD HAD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS!!! We could not have been happier! I cannot even begin to tell you how elated we were by all of this!

PLUS, to make this whole miracle even more awesome…our insurance company said that as long as we agreed to not make this a “form of birth control,” then they would pay 80% of the total bill! AND, wouldn’t you know it, but my OB/GYN doctor himself, along with his colleges, had just built a new office building, and needed to hire someone to not only run and set up the entire computer system for the whole building, but also someone to set up their entire phone system, and their stereo system for the whole building. The money he made from those 3 extra “jobs,” more than paid the other 20% of our bill to have the reversal done!

And all praises to the Lord, we have now had 5 more “reversal” babies, making a total of 9 children in our quiver!!! God is good. God is faithful. The Bible says, “Blessed are those whose quiver is full of them (children).” We are truly blessed!!!!

. by Kelly Benedict