Ovarian Pain after Ovulation

All the women are famous with headaches, constipation, bloating and cramping that come with the menstruation each month. But some of the women also have the mid cycle ovulation pain. This is completely usual and also a common feature. Painful ovulation or the mid cycle pain affects nearly 20% of the women. There may be a feeling that something went wrong among the women who have ovulation pain. But this is not so as the same is not that serious.

Severe and painful ovulation is termed as mittelschmerz. It is a German word which indicates middle pain. Many of the women who has painful ovulation generally reports an irritating pain that starts as a spiky ache and goes down as a deadly ache during the next day. But, in some of the women, the pain will be very severe and disabling and will also lead to confusion with the appendicitis. Infrequently, apart from the cramping and the mid cycle pain, some of the women will also experience little menstrual spotting and nausea. Mittelschmerz will stay for six to eight hours in many of the women and very rarely it will stretch up to 24 to 48 hours.

It is generally experience on the right side even though the discomfort may happen on both the sides of the abdomen. The pain in the abdomen may happen during the intercourse or it can be provoked during the intercourse, other physical activities or during the work out. Apart from the pain, some women will also have the symptoms of gastrointestinal and also more occurrence of urination. Painful ovulation may also happen each month, but generally it occurs every 3rd to 4th cycle.

It is understood that the painful ovulation is due to the mild leakage of the blood from the ovary that happens during the period of ovulation. This blood when absorbed after some time is believed to create an irritation on the wall of the abdomen that develops pain. The level of the pain depends on the individual pain verge and the quantity of the blood being released apart from the various other factors. The harshness of the irritation also depends on the gap that prevails between the ovary and the abdomen wall of the woman. While the painful ovulation does not pave way to the other problems, other medical circumstances may create painful ovulation like fibroids or PCOS on the ovaries. It is better to consult the doctor on these issues.

Ovulation generally happens about 2 weeks after the 1st day of every menstrual cycle. Hence the timing of the pain that creates mittelschmerz can be recognized easily. The best method for diagnosing the painful ovulation is to maintain a diary or a chart that indicates the occurrence of the pain during the commencement of the menstrual periods.

Very rarely, some of women may be in need of laparoscopy. A thin tube with a fiber optic light at its end will be sent through the tiny incision beneath the navel to the wall of the abdomen to find out the seriousness of the ovulation pain.

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. by Nathan Michael