Prolonging Orgasm – How to Make Hers Overlap For Longer Pleasure

So we have all seen guys do this on the movies, effortlessly give a woman the time of her life, so that she has an orgasm that never seems to stop. Well the truth is that this is not just for celluloid heroes, put simply these techniques are easy to use and anyone can give his woman the most amazing sexual experience,

The first realization is that it takes practice. The other things is that you have to remember that sex is not about only a prolonged orgasm, it has other things too and you need to take care of the emotional side as well to let her break free enough to enjoy herself with you. Therefore atmosphere becomes all important. Set your place up in whatever way she likes. That may mean candles or scents or oils or a range of things. Just make sure she is relaxed and comfortable. It sounds trite, but trust me getting her mentally in the right mindset is half way there.

The one thing that most guys forget during foreplay is to use lubrication. Nothing ruins her state more than not being moist enough when your fingers enter her. For those that do not like the artificial-feeling of some of the more popular lubes, natural oils are a great alternative.

At first you will concentrate on the places that are the most sensitive, saving the breasts and clitoris for later. Most women love the feel of warm, oiled hands rubbing their spine, so that can be a good place to start, tracing the outline of her spine sensuously. An added benefit is that it leaves her in a good position for talking dirty into her ear, stimulating her neck or even her perineum or anus if she likes them being touched.

Next move onto the breasts, then the clitoris. While most people know about the clitoris, what many don’t know is just how powerful it is. It is possible to get a woman to have a squirting orgasm just from clitoral stimulation. The key is knowing your woman. Every woman varies in the way that they should be touched. Some will want you to directly touch it, others prefer if you touch the soft tissue around the clitoris. Explore different ways of touching her and see how she responds.

The woman can also control her excitement. If she has been doing Kegel exercises, she alternates between long contractions and short, quicker ones and this will allow her some control over her pleasure. As she gets more excited, push either some well-lubricated fingers or a sex toy into her. Continue to stimulate her clitoris as you stimulate her internally to the point where her vagina feels engorged and starts contractions. These two signs will tell you that she is definitely coming up for a massive, real orgasm.

Now you should move to the G-spot. You want to constantly switch between both clitoral and G-spot stimulation to keep getting her more-and-more excited. Soon the time between the orgasmic waves will get smaller and smaller, until they start happening on top of each other. This is the point where prolonging orgasm really pays off and she has a continuous orgasm.

The best part is that each time she experiences it, it gets easier for her to experience it again and more intense when she does have another. Soon you will be able to give her orgasms that have her coming back again and again.

. by Harlan Mulroy