Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Maine

Smallmouth bass fishing in Maine is at its best. No one can say that they could not catch a smallmouth when they went fishing. The lake and rivers of Maine are boasting with anglers who are catching bass every day. Visitors are even jumping in and trying their hand at fishing for smallmouth bass. You would never have believed that bass fishing in Maine is so good. The Moosehead Lake area is popular with anglers looking for bass. The smallmouth is a feisty little fish and everyone is enjoying the fight of trying to bring the bass to land.

The cool mountain waters of Maine seem to be a great place to catch bass. The
Moosehead Lake area is thriving on tourism because the bass that are being caught are something to brag about for any angler. It is not uncommon to catch more than one three to five pound bass. Although fishing in Maine was slow for years, it has picked up and everyone is catching his or her fill. It is intriguing to see such feisty fish coming out of the Moosehead Lake. This is fish like it was years ago in Maine. You can fish for other fish, but the smallmouth is what is hot now.

Because the water is cool and the night temperatures are cooler, the smallmouths are staying closer to shore in the shallow waters. You can use top water flies and lures to catch the bass. You can easily fly fish for smallmouth with a medium weight outfit and have a great experience catching the fish. You will want to have a seven to nine weight fly rod with six to ten pound test line with spinning or bait-casting accessories works the best. The water is so clear that you will want to wear some polarized sunglasses so you can see underwater better.

Another place in Maine to catch the smallmouth bass is by Penobscot River. It seems that this river is home to a large population of smallmouth. It is not unusual to catch a four-pound smallmouth when fishing this river. The river is not well known for smallmouth bass, but what most anglers do not know is that from Orono upstream to Medway is one of the best smallmouth fishing areas in Maine. This is partly due to the fisheries in that area. They say that these rive bass will stretch your line a bit when they are trying to get away. They are a tough fish. They get so strong because they fight the river currents all day and night.

Although fishing on the river is great, you have to watch out for the underwater rocks if you are using a boat with a motor. You can find the smallmouth bass in the areas where there are fallen trees, ledges, rocks and at the base of the dam. In this river, they are using grubs, jigs, spinners and small crankbaits as well as top water lures. The fly fishers are using weighted streamers. All you really need is a good presentation and the bass are going to bite.

. by Daniel Eggertsen