Stunning Fresnaye, Vredehoek and Mouille Point Properties

A Mouille Point property is an excellent choice for investing. The Mouille Point is quite a small suburb of Cape Town which benefits from the joyful life of pubs, restaurants, up markets and coffee shops. Interestingly, it has only two main roads, one leading to the new park and the Cape Town Stadium which has been the host of FIFA World Cup games in 2010.

This suburb is along the Atlantic coastline and the high-end apartment blocks have a great view on the sea. Other apartments have a view on the Robben Island and the Blouberg coastline. Mouille Point is quite close to the Sea Point where people gather and interact since there is a hub of activity. In 15 minutes one can arrive to various amenities, schools, hospitals and shops.

On the Western Cape, in the surroundings of the Cape Town, lies an impressive suburb called Fresnaye. A Fresnaye property is simply a heaven on earth! The Fresnaye properties can be even more breathtaking than the magical surroundings. Each room is designed by a distinctive interior designer, having tall roofs and spots lighting, large resistant windows to view the impressive sea and lush vegetation. Balconies, cinemas, heated pools and Jacuzzis are all fully furnished and well heated, leading to un-surpassable views.

The Vredehoek, being the “Peace Corner” is situated on a major access route from Cape Town. It is a place where intimacy and peacefulness have given the suburbs name. One can en joy the tranquility it exudes, while lying on the base on the slopes of the Table Mountains.

It is an appealing area even for the younger generations in seek of a special home that is both quite an intimate but also has the benefits of an urban area. The breathtaking surroundings are no less beautiful than the surroundings of other suburbs of Cape Town.

The Vredehoek property can be a free standing and spacious house, a cottage, a townhouse and of course an apartment. The area is mainly residential but there are several pubs and coffee shops which are special in their design. There are a few eccentric boutique stores and delis, together with unique restaurants.

The Vredehoek hills are similar to the “Hollywood hills” while musicians, artists and entrepreneurs or famous designers have decided to spend their life here. Driving for a five minutes leads to a vast variety in terms of shopping while the night life is stunning also in the vicinity.

In truth speaking, a Vredehoek property can be quite pricy as it is close to the city. The amenities used by the locals of Vredehoek are in the City Bowl and there are four world known hospitals which serve the inhabitants.

However, it is best to pay all the fees that one has to because in case of lack of funds or time to pay the 100 fee, the emergency services cannot perform the required procedures. This is the law and people should obey it while it has been applied for quite a while.

. by Groshan Fabiola