Take Action to Gain the Attraction of People, Places or Events That You Seek – Like Attracts LIKE

***If you really want to attract the person or events to you that bring about your biggest and greatest and best possible outcome, you will need to do some work, but it can be done! Did you know that everything in your current life was attracted by your own efforts? Like Attracts what is similar to, or is much like itself.~

Folks, getting results is not going to get done without learning and renewing your efforts on a daily basis. Too many times we want to attract by using our emotive energy that is either based on fear or desperation for change. Change is a good thing when it helps you learn. Change for the sake of changing is not always a good thing, an investment or a goal needs to be devised for long-lasting change to be a success and to grant you more happiness.

Attracting the right people or situations into your field or scope of energy is a matter of being conscious in the efforts and in the force that you place into your efforts. A lackluster effort will be little or small results for desired attraction effort. Attracting a memorable change, outcome or person into your field of energy can start by a dream that you decide is realized by setting forth a lot of time, effort and by placing action into the equation of attraction. Your efforts will be duly rewarded. Start today!

Dreams are great for initiating or igniting the burning flames of your desires to come burning into your life. Now then, it is time to take a step back, reflect on what time and effort you can IGNITE into your situation and BAM! That’s some powerful planning that can sew the seeds of effort needed to plant, prune, toil and till the soil for the attraction of your desires. Wanna lose 20 pounds, first the wish is like a plant- action- planning and writing a grocery list, purge old snack foods, toil your feet by walking though the soil to burn calories, sew or begin new exercise habits, reflect or renew your efforts, as needed. YOU now have an action plan from where to begin!

In order to gain anything new, you must release something old that is clogging up your view or simply eating away at your effort and energy.

Attraction, like gravity requires intention, action, purging, planning and of course, you will always be expected to learn by or from who or what you are wanting to attract to you or your energy.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

. by Lorie Ann Jermoune