Tips for Dealing With the Late Comers

As a teacher I have come across various instances when the entry of a student can disrupt the whole environment in the classroom. The arrival of a late comer comes with an alarm of disturbance when the students tend to give negative attention to the latecomer. The late arrival also causes a hindrance e in the teacher’s thought process. Students’ gossip, talk and the studious environment turns into a chat show. Here are a few tips to deal with the late comers and the latter disruptions in the class.

Tips for dealing with the late comers and the related issues:

1. As a teacher you need to keep 2 seats vacant in the class near the front or the back door. The late comers can occupy them without disturbing the class.

2. Never talk to late comers when they arrive nor ask for an explanation. You can continue with your teaching.

3. Design your own rules for the attendance. Tell the students that if they arrive after the attendance is taken then they shall be marked as “a” (absent). Despite this if they refrain from giving a proper explanation for the late arrival, after the completion of the class, then the “a”will remain the same. It can only change to “p” (present) when a proper reason is given to the teacher after the class.

4. You can conduct oral tests on alternative days with certain points assigned for the class. An absence of student in a particular row will result in deduction of 5 points for that day. This rule will surly improve the timing of the late comer students.

5. Make it a point to give the evaluated sheets of tests, assignments, classroom activities, at the beginning of the period. Tell the students that the late comers will not be given the evaluated sheets.

6. You can coordinate with the policy of the school on late coming. The best thing to do here is to latch the door when you enter the class. The student who comes late will have to be seated in another room till the end of the period. If the student is late for the first time, you can just warn him/ her. If the student is late to school on a continuous basis, then you can seize the ID card of the student and retain it till the parent of the student comes to school and meets you.

7. At the same time you need to send letters to the parents about the late coming policy and request for their cooperation on the same.

The best thing that you can do as a teacher is that you can make all these policies clear to the students at the commencement of the academic year.

. by Snehal P