Top MiniDV Camcorders For Sale Today

With so many releases from the top companies in the camcorder industry, it’s definitely hard to pick out the ones that look good both on paper and as the actual product. Many of the camcorders will have listed features that are virtually the same as the more famous brands, but will ultimately fail to provide the same service. Moreover, it’s also difficult to choose between the many MiniDV camcorders. As this media format is getting more and more popular, more camcorders appear and the standard size just gets smaller and smaller. Here are what you can expect as the top MiniDV camcorders for sale today. Canon has been leading the imaging and optical industry for a while now, and this is just another outlet for their knowledge.

The Canon ZR950 is considered by the company itself to be the top of their ZR series. The ZR950 offers a zoom up to 48x, which is very close to the top end of consumer camcorders. It also offers the Quick Start function, which places the camcorder in a standby mode just like many laptops do. There’s a joystick on the camcorder which can be used basically as a mouse to control playback, exposure, focus, and the menu. Weighing in at 13.3 ounces, the Canon ZR950 happens to carry everything an up-to-date camcorder should carry, except upgraded. If you’re worried about how the MiniDV recording will transfer onto the TV screen, don’t fret. The 2.7-inch widescreen LCD perfectly matches what you’ll be seeing after the recording. You can find a ZR950 for usually around $300, but if you search hard enough, as low as $150 isn’t impossible.

There’s finally a camcorder with HD capabilities that won’t burn a hole in your wallet: the Canon HV10. This HD MiniDV camcorder features a broad range of abilities, from the 2.7-inch widescreen LCD to the 1080i HD video to even the widescreen SD video, the HV10 is probably the most inexpensive HDV camcorder on the market that still produces great quality. The only problems with the camcorder are the inappropriate microphone placement (the microphone faces towards the person recording) and some slight control placement issues. However, it has to be noted that the HV10’s good features severely outweigh the bad. It weighs a nice 8 pounds while providing 3-megapixel stills and an HD 10x optical zoom. You can find this HDV camcorder for around $1500.

MiniDV is definitely the way to go these days. However, not all of the camcorders available are the best ones to chose. Canon has consistently developed reliable and easy to use camcorders that produce nice video, great for both the average consumer and “prosumers”. And at these prices, it’s no wonder that they are the top MiniDV camcorders for sale today.

. by NiyazK