Understanding Women – It’s Not Hard To Understand Women And What They REALLY Mean

Wouldn’t it be great to have a little black book on understanding women that you could refer to every time you wanted to know what a woman really meant when they say something?

I love talking and interacting with women because there is never a dull moment to be had. But when it comes to finding out what she REALLY means when she say’s something, some guys are still left scratching their head. Here’s a few definitions of what women say, and what they really mean.

“Go ahead” – This one’s a dare if it’s said with raised eyebrows. It usually results in the woman getting upset over absolutely nothing and will always end up with the word “Fine…”.

If it’s said with normal eyebrows it just means she gives up, or you can do what the hell you want, because she doesn’t care. It will probably lead to the “Go Ahead” again, but this time with raised eyebrows, preceded by a “Nothing” or a “Fine”. Confusing i know, but give it a few minutes and she’ll be back talking to you like nothing ever happened…

“Fine” – This word is said a lot, and is probably one of the easiest when it comes to understanding women. It’s used to end an argument of any kind, where a woman thinks she is right. BUT, never use this word to describe how a woman looks or you’ll get a very cold response from her..

“Nothing” – This usually means “Something”, and you should definitely have your guard up at this point because it means that the woman will want to really mess with your head! The nothing is usually a lead up to an argument and will always be follow by another “Fine!”.

Did i say it was easy understanding women?

Here’s another one to help you out. When a woman say’s to you that she isn’t really ready for a relationship, What she REALLY meant to say was that you seem a nice guy to her, but she isn’t that attracted to you…

Women NEVER want to be friends with a guy they feel sexually attracted to…

Understanding women is an art form in itself, but the key lies in making sure you give a woman what she is looking for in the first place when it comes to seducing and attracting women.

Jay Sullivan