Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise Review

Vanguard Cleaning Systems, the private company in San Mateo came into operation in 1984 with a bright future.  Perhaps there are very few companies where the year of foundation and franchising began almost without delay in the same year. Vanguard Cleaning Systems being one of them serves almost thousand commercial cleaning accounts all over. Today, Vanguard is a very experienced company offering a Unit Franchise program for entrepreneurs and a Master Franchise program for veteran business people. Growing opportunities for profits and revenues, gaining more services and customers has always been an ideology for Vanguard.

Facts And Figures About Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems has been providing cleaning services for almost over 7, 000 industries in North America. Being a most important franchise break for the entrepreneurs, it offers the best services by far. Services and facilities offered by Vanguard are expert janitorial cleaning services that include wide-ranging building maintenance and office cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, floor care, green cleaning and so on.

Vanguard offers commercial cleaning services and facilities for around 2,100 corporate customers and more. Their operation is provided through 13 regional offices and almost over 600 franchisees. Today it ranks in Success Magazine’s Franchise Gold 200 and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.

Why Should I Buy A Franchise From Vanguard Cleaning Systems?

If you are aware of its growth, then you will find how fast Vanguard has tripled its size within few years of its development.  The janitorial services have shown its best and thus the aggressive plans and expansion is being processed. Almost in every key metropolitan markets of North America, Vanguard has become a buzz. With its phenomenon growth in the recent years for the master franchise program, Vanguard Cleaning Systems has reached the business world very fast. This is also encouraging more new franchisees to come up. Check the statistics and you will find Vanguard Cleaning Systems stands second best franchises in the category of Business Service as per the editors voting.

Requirements To Own A Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise
It is not that you need to have a special kind of experience to own a franchise unit of Vanguard Cleaning Systems. Just a general business experience is enough for you to operate this highly prospective franchise. In order to start your unit, you need to have a cash liquidity requirement between $2,800 and $9,000. Total investment needed for this purpose is between the range of $8,125 and $38,100. The franchise fee could be from $7,650 to $37,000 and the present term of agreement is for ten years. Renewal of the agreement term is possible. Presently, the royalty fee is charged at 5%.

Protect Your Hard-Won Image

When into business, it is essential for the franchisors to remain strict their rules and procedures. Here are few very important points which should be kept in mind to protect a hard-won image.

  • Franchisor-imposed limitations
  • Purchasing limitations
  • Endorsement of your preferred business location
  • Region restrictions
  • Margins on business procedures

. by Tim Bonderud