What Helps Acne?

Recent studies have shown that more and more suffer from acne, one of the most common skin disease encountered worldwide. Affecting the sebaceous gland and the hair follicle, acne produces inflammatory lesions and it commonly described in the form of pimples or spots on the skin. There have been cases when the lesions have been observed to be of a non-inflammatory type but commonly acne tends to be expressive and associated with redness. It is a known fact that acne have an effect upon teenagers and they are the most interested on looking good – for this reason, they prefer to use the Internet and search for tips against acne.

What helps acne lesions diminish? Well, it is important to understand the root causes and then proceed further to finding solutions. The Internet is the greatest database of information and it contains plenty of information on the subject of acne; you can easily log onto the World Wide Web and discover essential solutions. Acne lesions predominantly affect the face and also the upper part of the body, particularly the neck; depending on the severity of the acne, lesions can be encountered on the shoulders and also on the back. Each type of acne lesion has a different treatment and you must know what causes them first and foremost.

In more severe cases of acne, the lesions appear in the form of blackheads and also a wide array of inflammatory lesions (small papules and blisters, sometimes even small nodes). Why is it important to find a solution that helps acne? Because the effects of acne are not only physical but psychological as well. As acne tends to appear widely among teenagers, it is common knowledge that having such problems can lead to a low level of self-esteem and increased timidity. The treatment must be started as early as possible, particularly as some acne lesions to increase in severity over time.

Acne is known to have a genetic cause but it is also influenced by hormonal cycles (particularly around pubescence) and the increase of sebum levels. If do really want to know what helps acne, you should start by reducing your stress levels and taking good care of your skin. Any skin irritation or other lesions can have a negative impact on acne and the disease becomes even harder to treat. The diet is also incriminated to influence acne lesions, especially cow milk (specific hormones), seafood (increased iodine levels – bring out acne lesions and increase their severity) and also a large intake of refined sugars. It truly helps acne lesions reduce their scaring effects if you decide to eliminate all those elements mentioned from your diet.

Research has demonstrated that people who suffer from acne tend to have diminished levels of certain vitamins, specifically A and E; given this fact, it helps acne heal if you take vitamin supplements and take care of your diet habits. As for what treatments can be recommended, you can find a lot of tips online and consult a medical specialist for your own benefit. You can use cortisone in order to reduce the severity of the acne lesions but only for short period of time; benzoyl peroxide and special soaps to heal comedones. Antibiotics for topic use are also indicated for the treatment of acne – erythromycin having a bactericide effect on harmful bacteria that resides on skin and has a high infectious potential. In more severe situations, you might try oral antibiotics such as doxycycline and wait for the beneficial effects to appear.

Modern treatments for acne include retinoid creams, violet light phototherapy and laser applications. All of these have positive effects on acne lesions, reducing the impact of scaring and improving the general aspect of the skin. But if you really want to find out what helps acne, you should start with your diet. Reduce the intake of caffeine as it intervenes with the hormonal balance and adds another stress for your body. Browse the web and search for healthy diet tips. There is no better way to control acne than by eating as many fresh veggies and fruits, not to mention drinking as much water as required. As for acne lesions in particular, don’t pick on any lesion and keep your tan clean to prevent infection. Never sleep with make-up on and always take care that the pillow slip is clean. It helps acne to be informed!

. by Amelie Mag