What Qualities You Should Look For in Your Street Team Members

A successful street team starts first with its members. If you want to have a street team that is successful in marketing and promoting your music, then you have to find the best people for your team.

The best people to have on your street team are people who are go-getters! You do not want people who are lazy. You want people who will get the job done and take initiative. You want team members who are eager and excited to market and promote your music. Your members should have an internal motivation and determination for completing your tasks.

You also want self-starters and self-finishers. You will not be around your team to micro-manage them and make sure they are doing their job. So you need members who will finish the job on their own. You want individuals who can work independently and who are persistent to finish what they start.

You also want team members who are well mannered and courteous. Your team members are representing you, so you need to find people who can represent you well. You do not want someone who will damage your image.

You should also look for members who work well in a team and who are honest and full of integrity. When they are talking to people, you want to feel confident that your team members have an ability to be honest with other people and fulfill their promises. You should also look for people who are capable of leading others because you may want to get street team managers to help you run and manage your team.

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. by Angela M Carter