Why is Chess So Popular?

Chess can safely be considered to be one of the most popular games that exist in the world today. Having roots that go back many hundreds of years, this game has been in existence in its current state since the late Middle Ages, making it into one of the games with the longest lifespan that has ever existed!

Chess is relatively simple to understand despite some of the intricate moving patterns that the pieces employ and new players can master the basics of Chess in under 5 minutes. With only a little effort, the movements of all the pieces can be thoroughly explained, the game’s concepts can be illustrated, and the objectives made clear. This easy-to-learn approach to the game gives new players the ability to get right into crafting their own strategies and start to learn the intricacies of the game, making it enjoyable for all.

The game has a wide following among more experienced players as well because it is one of the best mental exercises that one can receive when playing a game. It provides a thrill because there are an infinite number of possibilities that could happen during the course of any game, giving any player a wide opportunity of actions to initiate and react to. Long term strategies can often be enacted on a Chessboard against an opponent, allowing anyone to test out their knowledge and execution of tactics. Competing against a skilled Chess player can provide heavy stimulation for one’s intellect, allowing this to be a perfect game to play with a partner.

Popularity of the game has allowed it to grow to the extent that worldwide Chess tournaments are often held, many of them annually. Nearly every country in the world is represented in these tournaments as the reach of Chess is widespread. These tournaments test the skills of all the best Chess players from each country attending, pitting them against one another until one player stands out, above the rest, as the Chess champion. Not only does notoriety play a huge role in these high-stakes tournaments, but often a large cash prize will be up for grabs as well to the Championship winner.

Chess is a great tool, not only for mental stimulation, but also for teaching discipline. Sitting down to solve Chess problems can help train the mind to look at problems in a new light. Sitting down for an actual game of Chess allows players to think creatively and strategically, helping their brains to adapt quickly to circumstances and to weight out all of their options before taking an action. This can be very helpful in everyday life, as many people do things without thinking about them, often being disastrous. Playing Chess frequently can help those people to slow down and evaluate the circumstances first, enabling them to become better, smarter people for it. Analyzing the situation has always proven to be beneficial to a person and Chess is just one of the most fun examples of how this can be done in everyday life. For this reason, the game of Chess has remained a part of popular culture for many hundreds of years, and should remain in that position for many years to come.

. by Victor Epand