Words To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Change His Mind About The Breakup – He Will Be Stunned!

When you are involved in a relationship breakup, you are usually caught by surprise. This causes you to act with your emotions and not your head. This is only natural, since you feel you are losing the love of your life forever. But no amount of crying or begging will make him change his mind. To get his attention you have to stun him as badly as he has stunned you. There are words to make your ex boyfriend change his mind after the breakup, but they are I cannot live without you. Saying thing like that will only push him farther away from you. They make you seem needy and desperate and men do not want needy and desperate women.

The best thing you can do is to give him all space and time he needs to come to his senses. He will soon see what he has given up and want you back. But, he must come to this realization by himself. Do not push him or he will never be able to come to see how much you mean to him. Men fall in love from a distance. By that I mean that the more distance you put between the two of you, the sooner he will want you back. To stun him with the words that will make your ex boyfriend change his mind about the breakup, you have to make him miss you.

The best way to make your ex boyfriend miss you is to disappear. Make him wonder why you stopped trying to get him back. This will put you back on hid mind and he will remember the good times you had together. Remembering the good times will make the reason for the breakup seem trivial. Since you are on his mind again, the thought will occur to him that you might have found someone else. Since he does not know how you feel about him, he will ask your friends how you are. They will tell him you seem to be handling things just fine and moving on with your life.  

Your friends will answers will not satisfy him and he will send you an email to test the waters and see if you will answer. If you answer right away he will know that you still want him and he can take his time. So, do not answer the email and he will call. Since he has alerted you by sending the email, you can be prepared for his call. Make sure you have your emotions in control and say the words that will make your ex boyfriend change his mind about the breakup. Tell him you are glad he called because you wanted to tell him he was right about the breakup. Add that you guess the two of you were not meant to be together. This will stun him and he will be pursuing you again.

. by H. L. Archer