Wow Dungeon Armor Sets

When selecting your armor, remember that you’ll need to protect you head, shoulder, back chest, wrist, hands, waist, legs and feet.  That’s why you have different slots in your armor for these items.

Every class has different fighting armor available to them.  These armor equipment sets are varied for different fighting (dungeon, raid, and PvP fighting).  Usually, you’ll want to pick an Armor set based on what situation you are in.

For example, in you are planning a raid, you should pick a raid set.  Although, this is not necessarily a procedure set in stone because some players find it better if they mix and match sets. It’s really up to you. But with all sets, you’ll get extra bonuses if you wear multiple pieces of the set.

Remember also that every WOW armor pieces you select affects your score with an assigned numerical value that translates into your damage mitigation score in combat

Here are just a few of the dungeon armor sets available:

There are two Dungeon Armor sets that have 8 pieces, and one with only 5 pieces. The set one level requirement is 52-58 and can be found in the Stratholme, Scholomance, Upper, and Lower Blackrock Spire. These pieces go into every slot except the back.

The second dungeon armor set does not have a level requirement, but you will need the quest chain which requires level 58 because set 2 is basically an upgrade to set 1.  Kind of strange, but that’s how it goes!

The third dungeon armor set is only 5 pieces and most of them require level 70. The five areas you’ll protect with this set are: chest, head, legs, shoulder and wrist.

So, if you’re planning on entering the dungeons while playing World of Warcraft, be sure you know which armor set will benefit you the most.  Since there are more than a hundred micro dungeons in the World of Azeroth alone, ranging from tombs, haunted mines, ice cafes, sunken ships, etc., you’ll need to choose your WOW dungeon armor wisely.

. by Alex R. Cooper