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XBox Copy Games Software

Hey fellow gamers. Welcome to this XBox copy game article and information page. My name is Joshua and I want to share this game copy software that many of us have been using for quite some time. Mainly because I have been getting alot of emails from people that are getting ripped off by shotty , so-called game Copy products.

First of all, YOU CAN PLAY COPIED GAMES – and they CAN be copied to DVDS AND CDS.

But you need the correct xbox game copy software. Actually, the copy game software I will discuss can copy video games from ALL MAJOR CONSOLES:

  • XBox and XBox 360
  • PS3 -PS 2 and Playstation 1
  • Wii
  • Gamecube
  • Dreamcast
  • PC
  • With more to come.

Game Copy Wizard Review

The software we use to copy video games is called “Game Copy Wizard”.

It is proven to work -by us and 1,000’s of others. It creates 1:1, 100% Playable backups for all your XBox games, Wii Games, Platstation and all other games.

The reason its so important to have playable backups is 2 fold –

  • First of all, whats the point of copying video games if you cant play them?
  • Secondly, its ALWAYS better to play the backup games, instead of the orginal.

This way your original is safe and sound -leaving incase anything happens to the backup. And if you are like us, and love to Trade in your older games for new ones, then you will have a perfect original, an original that will garner you the highest possible trade in value. (And you will still have the copied game)

You dont have to worry about not having the correct disc to copy your games to either. Surely you will have either a DVD or CD disc to copy the games to. And if you dont one of your family or friends will.(If they dont, send me an email – what are fellow gamers for, right?)

O.K., I know that this is a pretty simple article, and most likely you have a few more questions, so go ahead and check out the full review here:

. by Joshua Mintz